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40 Awesome Women of Spirit share Rituals Divine

Diverse, Personal, and Evolution-Empowering Stories of our Connection to Rituals and the Divine

This Rituals project is intended to soften the lines of difference (right/wrong, good/bad, ageless wisdom/new age) to create an openness and space for each of us to imagine and explore simple, diverse, creative, and time-honored ways to connect with the Divine in our everyday lives.

Today, as more people deeply consider and cultivate their personal and spiritual development, many are restructuring ritual into the fabric of their spiritual practice. Unfortunately, however, the word ritual means something different to most everybody. For many, it conjures up less than positive images and thoughts of witchcraft, sorcery, paganism, animism, etc.

Many of the contributors are renowned authors, several are scholars, recording artists, sound healers and visionaries, others are community and global leaders, spiritual activists, traditional healers, ministers, and spiritual teachers… they are all women who value the profound difference that ritual makes in their life and in their work of service in the world.

Amshatar Monroe

Amshatar Monroe

Founder / Author

In Dedication to Dr. Angeles Arrien

As you may know, our beloved Angeles Arrien left her physical body. Angeles inspired, midwifed, called forth and continued … and continues … to breathe life into this venture. Interestingly, Angie’s departure has sparked its rebirth! With renewed commitment, it is my intention that the book will be published this year in dedication to Angeles Arrien, her radiant light and her phenomenal work of service in the world!